all those nice skeinsToday a parcel from the USA arrived. Like Aileen I took part in a swap too, which was swap - bot based. This swap saidf that we are to send something from the stash that will be more usefull for another person. Of course one should ask the partner what his likes/ dislikes and allergies are.

I got my parcel from Sandy, who lives in North Carolina. The parcel was full of uncommon fibres, and even though not all of the colours were exactly my taste, I loved it.
But hey, I have friends, parents and my boyfriend, right? The parcel contained 6 stitch markers from Meredith by the company "yarn paradise", which were inside a white organza - pouchie.
I found a great posctcard with some fibres and some balls and skeins of yarn.
The olive green balls (which look grey on my picture, but in reality are light olive green) and the darkred ball have a cool and firm touch. The fibre is hemp, and we don�t really get hemp firbe here. The lightpurple ball is baboo fibre and I already know what I am going to do with it. The darkblue skein is linen, the lightblue skein is pure merino wool and my highlight has the name "koi pond" and is the orange- red skein. That are 50g pure silk. Thank you, thank you, thanks, dear Sandy. You have made me really happy and brought joy to my life with all those great gifts.

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s_schafkeks.jpgMy colleague Maria (the one with the colourfull scarf) today came along with a small bag of zoo cookies from Leibnitz. And guess what was inside? A cookie in the form of a sheep! Sure that I took my cellphonecam to take a photograph for the sheep release competition. The cellphonecamera isn�t that good, so please excuse the poor quality.
But the cookie was really a smacker. Really crunchy. I bet such great sheepcookies aren�t sold in England. What do you mean, Ruthie?

Wow, today in the middle of a cleaning and tidying session for my birthday party which will be Saturday, even though the stormy wind outside and with all windows closed I heard some shouts outside and a kind of bustling spirit was in the air. I thought that it could be another parcel delivery service and rushed to our living- room window. And I couldn�t believe my eyes. An enormous flock of sheep was passing our lot of land, two coalblack sheepdogs were running up and down the flock and two shepherds in full regalia were walking in front of and behind the flock. I just picked Rons camera and threw the window open. I took some photos and 2 mini videos, let me see, I�ll perhaps be able to include them here, if Ron can download them from the camera at his computer (the storage medium is a microdrive and my storage card reader can�t read those anymore). Jeez, I was beside myself with joy. I mean after all on the sheep this fluffy stuff is produced, which we use for knitting, spinning and felting and this is why I somehow like sheep. What a pity that sheep aren�t so snoopy by nature and you can�t cuddle and hug them if they are in their flock on free land. It was just an hour before this happened, when I read in the local advertising journal that our sheep farm in M�ncheberg is looking for their four missed feed fence electricity devices and has promised a big reward for each of them. I hope that they will get those devices back. Yes, M�ncheberg although a small town has a sheep farm, but unfortunately you can hardly catch them on the phone. Many greetings to Woolly Ruth and Kaba at this place, Without both of you, I sure wouldn�t post this entry.

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Today I went to have a little party with my parents, Ron and my granny and because of the damn heat problem it took place at my parents�flat. The day was made fine by a great strawberry tart, self- made apple strudel, self - baked pizza from my mum, looooooooooooooots of great presents (a warm feather blanket), some knitting of the first sock and shopping. I bought myself a new pair of cuddly boots, a pair of darkbrown/purple cord trausers, some tins of honey (Avocado and Mango honey, they didn�t have more of my beloved chestnut honey), a pair of bedshoes, some magazines, 2 sheep keychains, instant tea and some small things for my spoilee. Plus I went to take a closer look at "my" wool shop at the ancient part of K�penick where I went regularily when I lived nearby. I was incredibly lucky to meet the owner herself, because she moved away to West Germany some months ago. She fell madly in Love with a boy there, moved to him and just occassionaly drops in to make sure everything is all right. She still is hunting for my lana grossa "bingo" yarn and told me, that she was to the shop where she hopes to find some a lot of times by bus but always arrived during the shop�s luch closing time. She promised to try and go there by bike. The shop in K�penick now sells even addi DPNs (5mm and very thick wooden ones), they have a new range of felting wool in nice colours, and more beads than ever. I hoped to finally find some really bulky Aran- like 100% pure new wool which should be coloured, and they had some kind but it was only wickyarn. What a bummer. Instead the owner recommended a sock wool from Austermann and seemed happy when I told her that I managed the boomerang - heel. I bought one ball of this sock wool called "step" and the colour is called blackberry (in fact there are some shades grey and raspberry). I also bought a half high knitting nelly which can produce strings twice so thick than before, a pipe of G�termann beads (the colour is something copper/bronze like) and a scented candle with tangerine scent. The shop owner told me that she liked these scented candles because they weren�t causing headaches. wowowo, what a great day!

Today, one of my birthday presents was something I�d like to thank Hannah from Blackpool, GB sooooo much! I am very besotted with the "simply knitting" magazine and she sent the November issue to me. But it wasn�t only the again so well succeeded magazine, it was a whole bundle. The bundle also included a simply knitting calendar for the next year with lots of great patterns and a booklet with nice knitting projects from Rowan (the yarn producer). Waaaaiii, perfect! *happy* Thank you so, so, so much dear Hannah!

Oh, and before I forget, I got an eCard from my secret pal. Thank you secret pal, this was a really funny animation.

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